Spring - Cherry blossoms
in full bloom, gracefully decorating our city streets

Summer - Vancouver offers

you the open blue skies and

breathtaking skylines over our

vast oceans.

Autumn - Maple leaves turning our green city into shades of gold, red, and orange.

Winter - Delicate snowflakes

fall gently,  turning Vancouver

into a winter wonderland.

10H PLUS PRODUCTS LTD. established in 2012

at our headquarter located in the City of Richmond,

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Pleasant climate, abundance of natural resources,

and multicultural community;

10H PLUS offers products that combine

the beauty, purity,and diversity offered by Vancouver.

At 10H Plus, we are hardworking, dedicated, driven and creative.

           We maximize our efforts into each project and strive for the exceptional results.

           We respect and value each customer, partner, employee and our community.

10H PLUS also out source natural ingredients from North America and uses advanced production and testing equipment.

We guarantee that all of our skin care products are self-developed, self-produced, strictly monitored and controlled.

10H plus promotes multiculturalism and balance.
We combine traditional and modern techniques into our operations and products.
We aim to befriend consumers, continuously contribute to the community while
continuously improving, developing, and learning from constructive criticism and professional feedback.