Spring - Cherry blossoms
in full bloom, gracefully decorating our city streets

Summer - Vancouver offers

you the open blue skies and

breathtaking skylines

over our vast oceans.

Autumn - Maple leaves turning our green city into shades of gold,

red, and orange.

Winter - Delicate snowflakes

fall gently,  turning Vancouver

into a winter wonderland.

Where We Started

We started building our company in 2008 with a simple mission:
help our customers live more radiantly.
We want to nurture confidence and beauty,
because there’s nothing more attractive than someone radiating confidence
because they know who they are and why they are.
Just like how the beautiful city of Vancouver combines a pleasant climate
with an abundance of beautiful scenery and a welcoming multi-cultural community,
the products we offer combine beauty, purity, and amazing diversity.

What Drives Us


We do what we do to help our customers feel and live better lives.

Confidence is a key part of being the best you, and we believe,

and have shown over years of positive testimonials,

that our products are uniquely suited to not only make you look better,

but to also make you feel like a new person.

10H PLUS also out source natural ingredients from North America and uses advanced production and testing equipment.

We guarantee that all of our skin care products are self-developed, self-produced, strictly monitored and controlled.

10H plus promotes multiculturalism and balance.
We combine traditional and modern techniques into our operations and products.
We aim to befriend consumers, continuously contribute to the community
while continuously improving, developing,
and learning from constructive criticism and professional feedback.